Mrs. McCown's 2nd Grade

General Information and Policies


Classroom Managment

One of my main goals as a teacher is to teach students to work together in a positive way.  I strive to create a positive classroom community where children feel respected. I believe in positive reinforcement and appropriate consequences.

Bucket Fillers: I believe in positive reinforcement and I hope to develop and positive classroom community.  To do this I use the Bucket Filler System.  This is a behavior philosophy that encourages positive behavior.  During the first week of school we will read Have You Filled a Bucket Today? which will introduce the concepts to the students.  The book explains that a ”bucket filler" is someone who does positive, kind, and helpful things to make others feel good and a "bucket dipper" is someone who does the opposite. When a child is caught being a "bucket filler" they will receive a pom in their personal bucket; students can earn a pom for any sort of positive behavior.  Students can also catch each other being bucket fillers and can fill out a Bucket Filler slip explaining how their classmate was a bucket filler.  I feel that it is important for the children to know that they can praise each other for good behavior as well.  This helps to create a positive and comfortable classroom community.  When a student has filled their bucket they can earn a classroom reward. 


Class Dojo/Monster PointsI will be using a classroom management program called Class Dojo.  It is an online app that allows me to monitor student behavior.  This program will allow you to access your child’s behavior online with a code specific to your child. (No personal information is ever shared over the internet.) You will receive a code in your child's folder.  Also I have access to the codes if you lose it and need another.  You will also see your child’s daily points recorded on his/her new homework sheets.  Students will earn monster points if their homework is completed and turned in, and lose points if it is not turned in.  They will earn and lose points for positive and negative behaviors during the day as well.  Positive behaviors include: On task, Prepared, Being Helpful, etc. and negative behaviors include: Talking out of turn, No homework, Off task, etc. After reaching a certain point amount, students will earn class rewards and privileges. Monster Points works very well with the Bucket Filler system.  This program is a wonderful motivator.

Homework & Homework Folders

Math homework will go home every week night except for Friday and when other special occasions take place throughout the year.  The children will be responsible for turning in their homework in the morning when they arrive at school and being sure it goes into their homework folders.  

In addition to math homework, there will be a place for students to record the book they read 20 minutes that night.  Reading at home is essential to improve reading skills.  Students will go home with a Good Fit book each week. Students will also be expected to write one written response to their Good Fit Book per week. Please sign off on your child’s homework sheet that they completed their math and read for 20 minutes. 

Please check your child's Homework Folder each night and sign off that they completed their homework. On occasion there will be important papers for parents in the Homework Folders; it is always important to check just in case! Students will also be recording how their school day went and a reflection sentence about their day.  I appreciate your cooperation with this procedure.

Friday Folders

This folder will go home weekly on Friday and should be returned on Monday morning. This folder will include all of your child's work from the week.  There will be a Weekly Work Habits sheet in your child's Friday Folder.  This will be my way of letting you know how your child has been behaving and working throughout the week. It will also include your child's Accelerated Reader goals and point progress. It will also include important notices, letters, newsletters, etc. regarding things happening in our class, 2nd grade, or Willow Springs.  Please empty and sign your child's Friday Folder each week!


I love birthdays and I enjoy celebrating here at school!  Please feel free to send a special snack in with your child on his/her birthday.  All I ask is for a day notice that you will be bringing something in to share. We will celebrate birthdays during recess.


We will have snack every day around 10:40.  I ask that only healthy snacks come to school and nothing that requires a spoon. The children will be allowed to have a water bottle with them throughout the day, but this is the only drink they may have in the classroom.


Volunteers are a very important part of our classroom and are always welcome and appreciated! If you would like to volunteer you must register in the Media Center; it is a very quick process.  Once registered you will have your "green star" status and we would love to have you here to help out during classroom events such as day to day classroom help, celebrations, field trips, and other school activities. Please check in at the front office and wear your "green star" badge and a visitor sticker whenever you are volunteering at school!

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